We advise our clients in all phases of personal and business tax filing and implementing tax savings strategies. We understand that a small business owner does not have resources and time to deal with different consultants to handle Tax, Investment and Financial Planning matters. We provide many services in house so that a client can save time and money. We do a complete analysis of all Tax liabilities and Financial needs for a client and come up with the most intelligent solution using tax deductions and credits of Internal Revenue Tax Code to reduce tax liabilities and increase wealth for the expansion of business as well as for Retirement.

In general we offer the following services to all of our clients:

Tax Services
  • Analyzing personal and business tax liabilities and reduce taxes using approved credits and tax deductions of Internal Revenue Tax Code
  • Suggest smart tax and financial planning to defer and minimize current taxes
  • Filing of personal and business (LLC, corporation, partnership & Schedule C) taxes using all IRS approved tax deductions and credits
  • Filing of taxes of non profit organizations
  • Filing of taxes of persons on student, H1 & J1 visa and non resident status
  • Filing of estimated taxes, personal and business (Quarterly and Annual)
  • Filing of IFTA taxes for trucking industry
  • Filing to obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN) for spouse and children
Payroll Services
  • Prepare paychecks for pay periods
  • File monthly and quarterly federal, state and local payroll taxes for any or multiple states
  • File quarterly federal (941), state and local payroll tax reports and make payroll tax payments
  • File FUTA (940), SUTA and UC taxes
  • File annual reconciliation of federal, state and local payroll taxes
  • Prepare W2, W3, 1099 and 1096 and issue to all employees and contractors
  • File W2s and 1099 with federal (social security office), state and local tax authorities
Financial/Investment Services
  • Advise clients for retirement savings in setting up tax deferred deductions in IRA, ROTH IRA, 401K, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA,403, 457 and defined benefit plans
  • Advise clients how to invest in residential and commercial real estate and how to make tax deferred investments
  • Advise clients how to invest in Tax free municipal Bonds.
  • Advise clients how to invest in Bonds and Equity for asset accumulation
  • Advise clients how to diversify portfolio in different class of investment products based on risk averseness
  • Advise clients how to invest in tax free/deferred college education 529 plans
General Services
  • Book keeping
  • preparation of financial statements, Business Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets
  • Representation of clients in resolving tax issues with Internal Revenue Service
Rastogi Business Consulting Services Business Consulting
  • Advise clients for the formation of the most suitable type of business entity, such as Proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S Corporation and C corporation
  • Registration of business entity in the most suitable state. Apply and obtain federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Prepare By Laws and Operating agreement for business entities
  • Consulting clients in the valuation of a business for buying and selling
  • Advising clients in obtaining financing from Banks for personal and business purposes
  • Formation of non profit organization and approval of tax exempt 501C(3) status
  • Software Development Services Finding a suitable partner in India for the software development dealing with various business applications or setting up a manufacturing facility in India